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Brads Produce exclusively grows zucchini flowers and nothing else!zucchini flower

Brad and his family have dedicated over 15 years in research and development and continue with the single-minded focus of perfecting classic zucchini flowers.

What gives a Brads zucchini flower its exquisite taste? Could it be uncovered in the pristine stillness of the Yarra Valley? Is it the perfectly balanced climate or is it the ancient red volcanic soil that makes Brads flowers the choice of Australia’s top restaurants? We may never know.

The truth be known it runs deeper, its love.

Brads zucchini flowers are delicately hand-picked daily and placed in trays with gentle care. They are then taken to the packing facility where they are individually sorted, beautifully packaged and refrigerated. The flowers are available to you fresh the very next day. A passionate commitment to quality and consistency over the long term has made them the number one choice amongst leading chefs in Australia who have creatively blended Brads zucchini flowers into their existing menus with ease. These chefs have enjoyed recognition by innovating with the versatile flower impressing customers and critics alike.

Ask your wholesale fruit and vegetable supplier for zucchini flowers . . . and just remember to ask for Brads!

our recipes section shows how easy it is to prepare an impressive zucchini flower dish.

To find out where to buy Brads Produce zucchini flowers, please view our stockist's list.


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